Student Council 2022/23

We would like to welcome in our new Student Council for this year.

Every child has a voice in matters and decisions that affect them (Article 12 of the UNCRC). The aim of the Student Council is to provide a voice for the students of the school. The elected members of the student council will act as a line of communication between the students and teachers. The ideas and opinions gathered by the student council and brought to the attention of the teachers will be respected, listened to and taken on board. Where it is possible these ideas will be brought to life and filtered into the school.

Timeline of events for 2022/2023

23rd of September: elicit names of who is interested in running for election

29th of September: Speeches written

5th of October: Speeches presented to perspective classes

12th of October: Student council elected

17th of October: 1st Student Council meeting

Subsequent meetings are held monthly throughout the year.


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