Help and Advice to Improve Children’s Literacy and Numeracy Skills.

As part of the Department’s strategy to improve children’s literacy and numeracy skills, they recommend the website  This website provides some suggestions for enjoyable activities in which you and your child can engage.

The following are a list of websites you might find useful – – This website is aimed at parents and explains clearly the issues and helpful approaches to learning difficulties such as dyslexia and ADHD and difficulties such as auditory processing and working memory. World Book online via Scoilnet has a text to speech option for children appropriate texts  has lots of fun games ideas for reading

( a fun engaging way to help children to learn to read maths through interactive games / activities

( SESE education site with games/ facts/ articles / pictures / challenges spelling / reading writing site Great for project work and learning all about our heritage a nice online dictionary search.  visual search engine for children kid safe search engine


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