Active School Week 2021 – Thursday

  1. Run Around Ireland Challenge

The sun was back for this morning’s Run Around Ireland Challenge and the children were in high spirits as a result. Everything is easier in the sunshine!

  1. Active Break Jars

The Active Break Jars are in every classroom and are used for movement breaks between lessons. Mr Kelleher’s 3rd & 4th class enjoyed using it today and the activities really work well to reduce sedentary time in the classroom. The feedback is that the activities are fun and really get the heart pumping!

  1. Drop everything and dance!

Today the children were challenged to drop everything and dance when they heard the music! The children weren’t sure what to do the first time it happened but by the end of the day they were happily jumping up to dance to the tunes from the beat box!

  1. Yard games organised by Active School Committee

Today the Playground Leader’s video showed the children how to play Hoops. Hoops is a version of Xs and Os played using hula hoops and bean bags. It was great fun and even Mr Kelleher gave it a try but was defeated by the boys from 3rd class!  Some of the 1st & 2nd class children also tried their hand at hula hooping and they were brilliant.

  1. Skipping

Skipping was a hit again today with many showing great improvement since the start of the week. Ms Farrell even joined us to show off her super cross-over skipping moves!

  1. Active Homework

Today we had two teacher challenges. The first one came from Ms Vaughan who showed the children how to do a squat challenge to the song “Bring Sally Up”. Mr Kelleher also got in on the action today with his keepy uppy ball challenge.  The last challenge came from Olympic Ireland who challenged the children to an Egg & Spoon Race. We hope that everyone enjoyed all our Active Week Challenges and thanks to all the teachers that got involved!

  1. Beat Box Tunes

Something that has been really popular this week is the music playing during all the breaks. The children really enjoy it and don’t mind listening to Ms Vaughan’s music choices! Waiting in their line has never been so enjoyable because the children can show off their dance moves.

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