Active School Week 2021- Friday

  1. Active Walkway Cross Curricular Activities

Our new Active Walk Way is a great addition to the school yard and this week we have been using it in a cross-curricular way with Maths, P.E and mindfulness activities. In the coming months we will also be able to use it for orienteering activities too because each of the fourteen signs has special orienteering markings on them. Exciting activities to come!

  1. Yard games organised by Active School Committee

Today the Playground Leader’s video showed the children how to play the game Cat and Mouse. The children used sports bibs tucked into their pockets to act as tails and the cats had to catch the tails! Great fun had by all and I think the children will sleep well after all that running today 😊

  1. Drop Everything and Dance…again!

Today the well-seasoned classes had no problems in dropping everything and dancing the minute they heard the first beat of the music! Well done to all the children, teachers and staff for rising to the challenge.

  1. Beat the teacher!

Today we tried a few Beat the Teacher activities. Mr Kelleher challenged the 5th & 6th class to a game of basketball and won! Ms Farrell and Ms Vaughan staged wall squat challenges with 3rd & 4th class and 5th and 6th class respectively. The competition was very strong as can be seen in the photos. Unfortunately, on this occasion the teachers were not successful and the students won! Well done to the students. We had to call a halt to the challenges after 9 minutes!! Hope the legs aren’t too sore 😉.

  1. Skipping experts!

The children have thoroughly enjoyed the skipping stations this week and have shown huge improvement since the beginning of the week. Today we brought out the extra -long skipping rope and we were so impressed by all the fantastic abilities shown! Ms Vaughan even managed to get a record of 50 skips which was soon broken by a boy in 3rd class and consequently broken by a boy in 4th class. Well done to all!

  1. Dance off!

While the children of 3rd & 4th and 5th & 6th  were in their lines they were challenged to a DANCE OFF! We had some great dancing and it ended in a draw 😊

Thanks to everyone who made Active Week possible! 

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